Astus is a media trading company that delivers bespoke business solutions for our clients and media partners.

Astus offers a unique, risk-free media trading model, that enables clients to grow their marketing exposure by part-paying for their advertising using their product or service.

Allowing clients to extend their existing cash marketing expenditure in this way, Astus increases the overall marketing spend in market, in turn driving incremental business for our media owner partners.

Astus work in full collaboration with media agencies, ensuring that all media is planned, negotiated and delivered as normal, so that the client receives all media at the same price and quality, with or without Astus involvement.

Evaluating each client’s individual circumstances, from both a product solution and media requirement perspective, Astus propose specific deal solutions that are risk-free, transparent and fully accountable. Astus work meticulously with all parties – client, agency and media owner – to ensure the process runs efficiently and that the deal expectations of all stake holders are fully met from inception through to delivery.


Our Finance team are always involved at the start of any deal to make sure our clients and partners are fully aware of the treatment of media trading transactions with Astus.

We ensure all transactions are recorded in a compliant manner, with local taxes paid on products and services in the same way as a cash transaction.

Clients and agencies have designated finance contacts at Astus who keep all stakeholders up to date on trade balances and invoicing.


Astus provides its partners and clients the ability to trade programmatic spends across any media and device.  Our clients retain full control of media execution while Astus ensures maximum return without adding any complex technical layers

Products and Services

Astus has many years of experience in all business sectors dealing with hundreds of different products and services. We create bespoke and transparent remarketing solutions for every client dependent on the brief we are given.

Contact us for industry specific case studies to demonstrate the proactive and sensitive ways in which we can create increased sales across new and existing products/services.

Friends & Family Club

Astus Friends & Family Club is an invitation only, closed retail network where some of our media traded products and services are re-sold. We invite all our business partners and their staff to join our exclusive club to enjoy deals that are not available anywhere else.