We work with advertisers to enhance their media using their products or services. Astus have worked across FMCG, Automotive, Telecoms, F&B, Hotels, Events/ Hospitality, Electronic Goods, Entertainment, Charities… plus many more.

We work in collaboration with the Clients’ agencies to ensure they get the media they want at the price and quality they would normally expect.

Each bespoke media trading solution is managed by one of our Client Directors, they are accountable for making sure you want to repeat the process.

Our experience as the largest media trading company in the UK means we can offer our clients the most tailored solutions across all media platforms.

Media agencies

We work in combination with our client’s media agency to ensure that the value we can create is implemented alongside the communication strategy to enhance the overall value delivered back against the brief.

The Media Agency remains in control of the media planning and buying process at all times ensuring the price and quality is never compromised.

Media owners

We work with hundreds of Media Owners across all media channels.

The Media Owners we work with are the lifeblood of our business. We work in association with our media partners to offset their hard cash costs and bring them business which complements their channels.

We enable Media Owners to trade their soft currency (media space) for goods and services they need. This means we are able to generate media at a margin which we pass on to our clients.